1.1   The Society will be called the Trent Valley Photographic Society.


2      OBJECTS


2.1   To promote and encourage the development of photography.


2.2   To advance the education of members in all aspects of photography.


2.3   To provide the above by providing members with advice, support, tuition, discussions, practical photography, studio sets, dark room and image processing techniques, speakers, competitions, photographic excursions.




3.1   The membership will consist of an elected management committee and an unlimited numbers of members.


3.2   Persons who have paid the annual membership fee will have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting, also any Special General Meetings.  They will also be eligible to stand for election as an officer or committee member.


3.5    Only fully paid up members will be able to enter monthly (including End 0f Year) print competitions.


3.6    Only fully paid up members will be able to attend certain programme events (e,g, Professional Model Sessions) as indicated on the programme.


3.3   Any member who brings the Society into disrepute will have their membership terminated if so deemed by the Management Committee.  The member will have the right of appeal and may call independent witnesses if necessary.



3.4   FEES


3.4.1 Annual Membership             Single (Aged 16 or over)                £15

Junior (Aged 15 or under)              £5

Joint                                               £25


3.4.2 Weekly Meeting                   Single                                             £3

                                                      Junior                                             free


3.4.3 Professional Model Fees


As decided in the 2009 AGM professional model evenings will now be charged at a fee of £5.00.




4.1   This will consist of the following persons:


        Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of three committee persons.


4.2   To ensure continuity of the Management Committee the officers (Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) to be elected for a period of two years.  To be elected at the AGM or a SGM. 


4.3   The Management Committee will elect the Vice Chairperson at the first committee meeting held after the AGM/SGM election of officers.


4.4   The Management Committee will be responsible for the implementation of the entire Society activities i.e. weekly programme, fund raising activities etc.  Also have the Authority to co-opt additional people if deemed necessary to the Management Committee.


4.5    Meetings of the Management Committee will be called at the discretion of the Chairperson with a proviso of two per year.  The minimum number to form a quorum will be four.  The Secretary will record the minutes of the meetings.  The Chairperson will have the casting vote on any matters arising.




5.1   New members can join the Society by visiting the Society on any Thursday evening.


5.2   All prospective members are permitted to visit and participate in the Society's activities twice at no cost before being required to pay the annual membership fee.




6.1   A bank account has been set up in the name of the society.  All financial transactions must go through the bank account.  Any withdrawals from the account will require the treasure's signature plus either the Chairperson or the Secretary's signature or a nominated committee member.


6.2   The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the accounting records. Also to prepare a statement of accounts for the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, if required.


6.3   The membership will have the right to inspect the Society finances subject to one week's notice being given.





7.1   All MEMBERS will receive four weeks notice of the Annual General Meeting.  Items for the agenda are to be submitted in writing to the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM.  Only items on the agenda will be discussed unless at the discretion of the Chairperson.  A Special General Meeting may be called at the Chairperson's discretion.  Also if two thirds of the membership require a meeting it must be called.


7.2    The minimum number to form a quorum will be two thirds of the membership. 


7.3   The Secretary will record the minutes of all the meetings.




8.1   Any amendments to the constitution will require the approval of two thirds of the membership attending the AGM or a SGM.




9.1   If the Management Committee decide that it is advisable to dissolve the Society then a Special General Meeting will be called and the reasons for dissolution will be present to the members.


9.2   After all debts and liabilities have been paid, any assets remaining will be passed to a 'not?for-profit' organisation with similar aims and objects to Trent Valley Photographic Society. This will be decided at the Special General Meeting.



Formal Acceptance of the Constitution


We certify that the revised Constitution has been agreed on 3rd February 2005 by the membership of the Trent Valley Photographic Society.